Writer: Cameron DeOrdio
Artist: Soo Lee

Jaime confronts the three ski-mask wearing angels who have infiltrated the Naris corporation. Jaime is a bit overconfident as one of them manages to punch her in the stomach. Then the three split up. Jaime goes after one of them but she manages to elude her. Another gets the bug they planted and the three angels meet up and cover their escape by blowing up their car. Later Jaime is sparring with Oscar and discusses how she feels bad about losing the intruders. She also has a theory that they bugged the corporation. Meanwhile Bosley and two of the angels talk about how bad it is that the inventor can’t get his formula back legally. Kelly infiltrates the Stoker Security agency which contracts to Naris for blueprints to the corporation. She has to hide as Jaime visits Stoker Security to see if the plans are safe.

Well this second issue was very underwhelming. Not a lot happens and we get a lot of talking and other stuff happening which is not very exciting. The art isn’t all that visually exciting either. Maybe it will pick up in the next issue.

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