“Wings of Death”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Bruno Bull

We last left Dian falling from a cliff and Tanar captured by Horibs from the Fear on Four Worlds series. Dian gets grabbed as she falls by a thipdar and taken to its nest. She climbs down and runs into a thag. The thag and thipdar battle with the thag winning. As Dian moves into the jungle she runs into a party of Sagoths. They capture her and take her to the Mahars. Tanar is also taken to the Mahar city. The Horibs tie him to a gorobar and let it loose to distract the Mahar guard so the Horibs can enter the city. The Mahar guard does go to Tanar but a Va-ga from the moon the last survivor saves him by killing the Mahar. He then demands to know where he is before he eats Tanar.

The first issue in the new Pellucidar series starts off with plenty of action. Both Dian and Tanar have adventures and are captured by enemy races. They have run ins with the various creatures and there is a battle brewing between the Horibs and Mahars for control of Pellucidar. Plus a wayward Va-gas those half-man half-horse creatures from the Moon. The story moves quick with one adventure after another just as in Burroughs books. I really am enjoying these new Burroughs shared universe series from American Mythology.

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