Writer: Cameron DeOrdio
Artist: Soo Lee

1983 The Naris Corporation at night. Three masked figures are going to scale the wall when a spotlight is turned on. Cut to the office at the Townsend Detective Agency. The three girls known as Charlie’s Angels are getting their next assignment from Charles Townsend. They have been hired by an inventor of a formula that can cure paralysis and grant short term superhuman strength. The formula was sold off to the Naris Corporation after the corporation the inventory was working at went out of business. So the Angels must infiltrate Naris and take back the formula that is rightfully the property of this inventor. Oh and the inventor hired someone else that failed so Naris is on alert. At the beach where Townsend is calling the office Jaime Sommers is eavesdropping.

So back to the three figures breaking in. Jaime manages to scare them off by throwing a tree branch through a tree. The Angels start with their plan. First one gets the name of a secretary that works at Naris at a bar. Then another flirts with a delivery man to have them let into the corporation underground parking lot. The others are in the trunk,exit and put on ski masks. Only they are confronted by Jaime.

So this is another crossover that Dynamite decided to do. This one features two different shows from the seventies. I was never a fan of Charlie’s Angels but loved the Bionic Woman so decided to give this a try. So far it has interested me. I am curious to see where the story is going.


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