“Catacombs of the Moon”
Writer: Christopher Mills
Artist: Gabriel Rearte

Nah-ee-lah wakes up after her ordeal with the little people underground to find herself captive of the Aa-Gas a tribe of four armed monkeys. The Aa-gas prove friendly and agree to help her rescue her companion Pal-don from the Kalkars. The Aa-gas prove to be fierce fighters and manage to slaughter the Kalkars. Nah-ee-lah rescues Pal-don and he recognizes some of the landmarks and knows where they are. So the two leave their new found friends and head off to Laythe.

So this series ended with Nah-ee-lah finding some friendly monkeys and they manage to rescue her friend. A good interesting story with beautiful artwork. My only complaint was it was resolved a little too easy. The Aa-gas were just so powerful and overwhelming that our main heroine didn’t really have much to do. The series was still an enjoyable tale. It had the feel of a Burrough’s story with its evil Kalkars and other strange creatures. The ERB Universe is still a big success for American Mythology in my opinion.

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