Writers: Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas
Artists: Ross Andru, Dick Giordano & Mike Decarlo

Commander Champion, Dr. Orion and Perez are introduced to the director and another member of their group Mohandas Singh. The mysterious intruder is also their eavesdropping on the conversation. At that moment the security control detects the intruder. Sirens go off and red flashing lights. The combination puts Singh into a trance as he relives a past tragedy. When he was a kid he lived in the streets of New Delhi as an orphan. With his friend Raja they were begging for money from a rich British tourist. The tourist dropped his wallet and thought the two boys stole it. He calls the police who take off after the boys in their car. Later the man finds his wallet on the ground and realizes his mistake. Unfortunately the police chase the boys to a river where Raja falls and hits his head. He drowns but the rich tourist feels guilty and puts the young Singh through the finest education available. So he is now a world renowned computer expert.

So the intruder manages to beat up the security guards and go into the secret room. The others follow and see the ship Scanner One. Champion tries to subdue the intruder and gets his ass handed to him. Fortunately the intruder is Li San O’Rourke the director of security. She was testing the security and found it lacking. She is the last member of the crew for Scanner One. While they check out the ship she tells Singh her story.

She was a soldier during the Five Day War and assigned a squad that was to liberate an occupied oil field in the Arabian peninsula. She was a lieutenant and her friend her sergeant. Her friend went to disarm the explosives while O’Rourke took out the main control complex. Only she was too late and the explosives were detonated killing her friend.

So the crew gets it’s mission. Scanner One is able to travel through other dimensions. The war left the environment damaged and the world’s population is faced with starvation. So they must seek out a world to colonize. Thus the crew head out into the multiverse.

The second comic from the game Berserk. It manages to introduce the other crew members and give their backstory. We get the basic plot to this series. That they must travel through alternate dimensions to find a habitable world to settle. Otherwise the human race is in big trouble. We find out that Atari has an enemy called Co-op. Another conglomeration of corporations after the collapse of nation states. This was really cool idea and loved this post-apocalypse future. Still get a kick out of Atari running everything or almost everything.

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