“The Children of Jhebbal Sag”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from “Beyond the Black River” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: John Buscema & Tony Dezuniga

Conan and Balthus have escaped the Pict village and go west to avoid the Picts. Only they find a leopard stalking them. Zogar Sag has called those animals that still remember Jhebbal Sag to help him in tracking down the intruders. Conan cleaves the leopard’s skull with a well placed ax throw. Later he uses a symbol of Jebbal Sag to discourage other leopards from following them.

After a battle with some roaming Picts the two make it over the river into Conajohara province and find Fort Tuscelan about to fall to hordes of attacking Picts. So the two decide to warn the settlers and have them evacuate east to Velitrium. Balthus manages to gather the settlers and finds a stray dog named Slasher whose owner was killed by Picts. The two form a rear guard to slow the Picts and sacrifice their lives in the process.

Meanwhile Conan goes to warn the men who went to the salt licks for salt. He finds them and they also head out for safety. Conan bringing up the rear hears his friend Balthus and goes to help. Only he finds a large flame burning in the field. The demon that Zogar Sag uses has come for Conan. It leaves the flame and attacks but Conan manages to cut off it’s head. Later at Fort Velitrium he hears from the sole survivor of Fort Tuscelan that Zogar Sag suddenly died and fell into a fire with his head nearly cut off.

“Conan the Syndicated”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema

An article of the new syndicated newspaper strip written by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. Has some examples.

“Shadow of the White Wolf”
By Fred Blosser

A review of the book “Son of the White Wolf.” It has three stories of El Borak a Howard creation of an adventurer in South Asia and the Middle East.

“The Readers’ Robert E. Howard”

A portfolio of amateur works sent in to the comic. They have drawing from Robert F. Walters, Ivan Saxby, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley.

So this was the first black and white Savage Sword that I ever read. I found it just as awesome even without any color. I was definitely a fan of Conan by now. This was the conclusion to the story that was heavily inspired by James Fennimore Cooper and his tales of the early frontier of colonial America. An enjoyable story of savage Picts and magic that Conan has to fight. His success in this campaign is what lead to his eventual ascension to the throne of Aquilonia.

The articles were short but interesting. I would love to someday have a collected works of the syndicated newspaper strips. The El Borak stories I will have to check out some time too. I know Thomas adapted them to Conan stories starting next issue. Finally the portfolio had some talented artists. Don’t recognize the names but they did definitely had talent.

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