“Catacombs of the Moon”
Writer: Christopher Mills
Artist: Gabriel Rearte

Nah-ee-lah has fallen into a pool of water in an isolated chamber while escaping her dungeon. To make matters worst the chamber is filled with viscous bats. She sees a light underwater and dives under. Swimming through an underground cavern she comes into a chamber filled with little people. Soon after her is a viscous monster called the Nitratha. The creature grabs one of the little people and Nah-ee-lah picks up the fallen spear and throws it into it’s eye. It releases the man and goes back underwater. The little people are grateful and take Nah-ee-lah to their leader a very old woman. From her we find out the history of these people. They inhabited the city above ground until the Kalkars and their revolution. The ancestors were pacifists and fled underground where they deteriorated to the state they are now in.

The old woman wants to keep Nah-ee-lah there to breed new children. But the man she saved instead shows her the passage to the surface. Nah-ee-lah finds herself in the jungle and decides to take a nap. In the bushes sinister eyes watch.

So the second issue has our heroine escaping the bats to find a lost race of people. She has to fight off a monster and the old crone who rules the place wants to use her to breed some new blood into the race. Naturally Nah-ee-lah wants nothing to do with that and fortunately the man she rescued returns the favor. This is an enjoyable series. It stays true to what Burrough’s created. The strange people, creatures and situations are what you would find in a Burrough’s book. The art tells the story with a minimum of dialogue and exposition. Another excellent issue.

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