“Intruder Alert!”
Writers: Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas
Artists: Ross Andru, Dick Giordano & Mike Decarlo

A mysterious woman dressed in black spandex and an Irish accent approaches the Atari Headquarters in California. It is 2005 after the Five Day War and the Break-up. The woman uses her skills and tools to penetrate the force field and knock out the guards. Meanwhile in Earth orbit Commander Martin Champion is overseeing construction to a space station. He manages to stop a panel that breaks loose and save lives. While getting patched up by Dr. Lucas Orion they get a message from Lydia Perez. She has orders that the two report immediately to Atari HQ. While on the ride down Champion thinks back to the first time he met Perez. Back on October 18, 1998.

The new moon base had just started up when enemies decided to toss a meteor at it. The survivors were running out of air and Champion was put in charge of the rescue mission. Perez was his co-pilot and the two managed to get to the Moon in time to save the survivors. So they meet Perez after landing and she drives them to HQ. Along the way Orion sees joggers and this triggers his memories. During the Break-up he was a medic with the U.N. in Africa. The jeep he was in is hit my a mortar. He finds a crying child and rescues her from the approaching rebels. Orion during this conflict decides to accept an offer to work for Atari. Back to the present the jeep they are riding in gets to the HQ and the mysterious figure in black follows them through the door.

So Atari would include these little bonus mini-comics with select game cartridges. This one was included in the Defender game cartridge. I have to say that these comics were some very serious works both in story and art. In fact the comics survive but the game cartridges are history. I really was fascinated by this comic so much that I looked forward to the comic more than the games that came out. That Atari was basically running everything in the future somehow just seemed to make sense back then. The post-war future was something that I loved to read about and the future they created seemed quite plausible. This mini-comic series was just a brilliant idea.

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