Writer: Christopher Hasting
Artist: David Hahn

Niko Abe a Japanese agent has uncovered that a powerful Japanese industrialist has a nuclear missile on his private island. So she contacts the Americans and is disappointed that they send only one man. Colonel Steve Austin is a very cocky and arrogant guy. He brags about being a bionic cyborg. So the two infiltrate the island and find the missile. The KGB has arrived and brings a nuclear warhead. As the two try to leave they run into the guards and Steve manages to beat them up. A guy in a suit with a devil mask manages to chop off Steve’s legs with a samurai sword. Niko uses one of the severed legs to electrocute the attacker. As she carries Steve off they are confronted by more of the guys in devil masks.

So I enjoyed the first issue of this series. It had a tongue in cheek quality that was just meant to be fun. The setting of 1974 and an island of a Japanese industrialist with a nuclear missile really fits into the times. Now the only complaint was the writer did maybe overdue a little too much the arrogant cocky attitude. The TV character didn’t have that. I also don’t remember Steve Austin having a laser in his eye. Been a while since I watched the show so maybe that was there. Overall this was a fun and enjoyable start to this series.


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