“Everything Changes”
Writer and Artist: Mike Grell

On the surface the military is consulting specialists on the recent transmission to outer space that used the pyramids in Egypt and Central America. The specialists say that the coordinates transmitted are eight hundred miles below the surface. In Skartaris Joshua and friends return to Shamballah after the battle with the alien. They find that Tara gave birth to a daughter named Morgana. She has very powerful magic.

Later Joshua and Alysha are out in the woods and come on a hippogryph. Some sort of flying horse like creature. It is captured in a net by passing sky raiders in a dirigible. Alysha jumps on the net and Joshua follows. The two free the hippogryph and while in the sky see the lines on the ground. They look just like the ones in Nazca Peru. Alysha figure out that the alien was a scout for an invasion. When they get back to Shamballah, Joshua asks McBane how to use his father’s pistol.

So this issue had a lot of Chariots of the Gods stuff that you see in Ancient Aliens. The aliens are coming and Skartaris better be prepared. Joshua gets to meet his new sister and she has powerful magic. He also is getting comfortable with his role as the new Warlord and his new family. The surface world is becoming aware of Skartaris. Interesting to find out that Skartaris had sky raiders flying around. The issue is setting up an interesting story but unfortunately there is only one more issue until the end.

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