Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: German Garcia

Barbarella and Dejah make it to an island on the surface. There they watch as the invaders rain down destruction on the undersea kingdom. They have a lengthy conversation about themselves and their feelings. A brief fight with some flying creatures and they go back below the surface. They travel a ways and come to a giant white egg. They enter and find themselves in a white space floating around. Then the notes from Dr. Gitu that Barbarella was carrying form into a talking image of Dr. Gitu. They find out that they are on Mars and he wants the two to not save the planet but help it die.

So this issue had a lot of the two talking about their feelings. Traveling around the bottom of the ocean and floating around some odd pocket dimension. They finally get to meet up with some program from Dr. Gitu who reveals the big shocking secret. They are on Mars. Sadly the story is just so dull with nothing happening that I really have no excitement at all of the shocking reveal. Once again I like the two characters and they interact well. Artist has the two beautifully drawn. Just really no substance to the story. Sad.


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