Writer: Luke Lieberman
Artist: Sergio Davila

Sonja and King Andol’s forces have attacked the field of the drug that Raka is growing. A savage fight ensues. Ozzyus attacks Raka. Raka stabs him with his sword which is covered in his drug. This turns Ozzyus into one of Raka’s zombies and Sonja is forced to stab him. Then Sonja goes after Raka and cuts off his hand. This forces Raka to take his new improved zombie drug. It turns him into a giant and grows his hand back. Yet Sonja still manages to come out on top by splitting Raka’s head with an ax. Shashanna comes and finishes Raka off. A month later the kingdom is back on it’s feet. Andol offers Sonja the chance to be his queen. She declines in favor of a sack of gold and the freedom of the road.

So ends the mini-series of Sonja in her early days. It was a very action packed issue. Sonja shows herself to be the badass she is. Even a drugged up enhanced cult leader can’t get the better of her. This was an interesting look at Sonja in her teen years. It kept the origin that Roy Thomas created yet gave her some interesting backstory. Ozzyus the man that raised her was a compelling character. Her relationship with Shashanna who was a friend that she let down. Managed to save her and the world. An enjoyable series that was respectful to her origins and yet a fresh new look at my favorite female comic character.

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