“Dragon’s Lair”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Chad Hardin

Joshua and his friends are battling the creature from the meteor. Joshua gets his hand burned but survives by hiding behind some metal wreckage from the meteor. Later he goes back to the village and enlists the blacksmith to build him a sword from the metal. In Shamballah Tara has pain from her unborn daughter. The daughter has power and senses the pain of her brother. So Joshua’s miraculously heals.

Back at the village Alysha is kidnapped by a villager to sacrifice to the dragon. So Joshua, Shakira and McBane follow to the dragon’s lair. Only they find out it is a spacecraft and conducting experiments on humans. They rescue Alysha. When Alysha uses a pistol to put the kidnapper who is half dissected out of his misery, it alerts the alien. Joshua manages to defeat it but the alien’s last act is to set the self destruct on his ship. He also sends out a message using the pyramids on the surface.

So we find out that the dragon from the meteor was an alien. One that is disappointed with how primitive humans still are. Also the daughter of Tara and Morgan has some very powerful magic and is linked to her brother. Joshua seems to be adapting well to the role of Warlord. He shows bravery and ingenuity just like his father. The new alien threat was a very interesting development to the story and sets up an exciting coming conflict.

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