“Death Among the Ruins!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema

Makeda has lead Conan and his three Watambis warriors to the ruined temple of Amra. In spite of its evil aura Conan fearlessly goes in to rescue Belit. Inside Amra is planning to marry Belit but the ghouls that Makeda released open a secret door in the floor and kidnap Belit. Then they pour out and attack. Only they don’t fair very well against Amra and his savage pride of lions. Then Amra jumps down to go after the ones who kidnapped Belit.

Conan and his companions enter the underground and also have to fight the little four-armed ghouls. Then Conan and Amra both catch up with the ones that kidnapped Belit and a big fight ensues. It results in the ghouls killed and Belit rescued. Now Conan and Amra must fight for Belit. A savage epic fight that Conan wins. They then have to flee the city because the ghouls cause it to come crashing down. Outside the survivors face the black lion Sholo. It decides not to attack and goes away. The natives proclaim Conan the new Amra.

This was a well done story. Amra and Conan both have to fight the hordes of ghouls. Then the big epic battle. Amra and Conan both savage beasts. An equal fight with the winner in doubt. Well not really. I mean we know Conan will win since this is his book. The fight was handled well. Sort of a Conan verses Tarzan if Tarzan was a total tool. The big result is an origin for the name Amra that Conan was know as among the people of the Black Coast.

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