Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: German Garcia

Dejah and Barbarella find themselves trapped in a bubble under an ocean. Dejah being from a desert world panics but Barbarella keeps her cool. One of the creatures outside start chewing into the bubble. Barbarella calmly finds materials to make oxygen as Dejah slices off the head of the creature with her sword. Barbarella solves the oxygen problem but the side effect is the process makes the water they are in toxic. Barbarella consults the notes that Dr. Gitu left as a giant creature swallows the bubble and spits it out at another place.

This place has some squid that can turn into oxygen mask. Snail like creatures with spears then show up and escort the two ladies to the big giant snail king. The king in very pidgin English describes the problem they are facing. The land they occupy contains R.U.S.T a very powerful element in Barbarella’s time. Invaders are attacking and I guess the snail people need help. A laser beam from the surface then strikes the snail king as the two girls take off.

So the second issue is filled with a lot of talky conversation and exposition. Not a lot of action. Also the snail king makes Yoda sound like Sir John Gielgud. I mean his speech is just very unintelligible and Barbarella spends the time translating. I suppose the writer thought it was real hip but I just found it annoying. So far I get a very vague idea of what’s going on. For a four issue series and still not knowing where this story is going is not a good sigh. A positive note is I love the art. The two women look beautiful and I like the interaction between the two.

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