Writer: Luke Lieberman
Artist: Sergio Davila

Sonja with her companions arrive at a port city. The city is deserted but they find one boy. The boy is under the influence of Raka’s drug and attacks. Soon other residences come at them. Ozzyus’s contact Talos finds them and lead them to safety. They find out the whole kingdom has fallen to Raka and his mind control cult. At the camp of King Andol Sonja find Shasanna. Only Shasanna is under the drug. Sonja offers to help King Andol in taking back his kingdom.

They scout the capital city and watch as an invading army is torn to pieces by the cult. They barely manage to escape from the city themselves. Sonja comes back and finds that Shasanna seems to be returning to normal. The drug is wearing off and that gives Sonja an idea. Raka has imprisoned men of science to improve his drug. They succeed in making it more potent and Raka goes off to get more of the Djinn Lotus. At his fields he finds them set on fire by Sonja.

So this issue has Sonja find Raka and Shasanna. It establishes the true evil of Raka and how powerful he has become. A fairly talky issue that does sometime drag the plot down. Still the story is basically a strong one. Sonja has her issues with Ozzyus and herself. Raka is truly a loathsome and dangerous enemy. Sets up a possible exciting confrontation to this story.

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