“Son Rise”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Chad Hardin

An asteroid hurtles toward the North Pole. The people at NORAD brace for catastrophe but nothing happens. The asteroid goes through the polar opening and crashes in Skartaris. It causes devastation and unleashed some creature that terrorizes the locals. Tinder now has to take up the mantle of the Warlord. He has doubts but friends. So with McBane, Alysha and Shakira they accompany him to kill this beast. They find a young girl being sacrificed and rescue her. Only the girl wanted to be sacrificed and runs toward the cave that the creature is in. It comes out and incinerates the girl with a laser eye.

So the first post-Travis Morgan issue. Grell doesn’t waste any time mourning Morgan. He jumps right in to a new story and it is intriguing. Now most of this issue is spent exploring Joshua’s doubt on being able to live up to his father’s reputation. True he isn’t Morgan but Joshua does show many of his traits. He fearlessly rides out to confront a terrible creature. Like his father he seems to save the beautiful maidens that don’t want to be saved. I will admit that I miss Morgan but Grell does have a plan for this series and it was still a salvageable.

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