“Torrent of Doom”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from story “The Pool of the Black One” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: John Buscema & Alfredo Alcala

Conan and Sancha watch as the black giants bring back the unconscious crew. They throw them down on the ground outside the gates as they go to do their weird rituals. Conan goes to the crew and finds them drugged with the fruit they ate but they are waking up. He has Sancha wake and arm them as he distracts the giants. He goes and leads the giants into the strange city. He gets trapped but luckily the crew of the Wastrel comes to his rescue. They attack the giants and manage to kill them. The leader sees that its over and jumps into the green pool after reciting some spell. The pool erupts and the green water comes after Conan and his men. They manage to make it to their ship and flee the island. Conan plans to continue his live of piracy and rebuild the ship’s crew.

“Stygia Serpent of the South”
By Robert Yaple
Art by Rick Hoberg

An article on Stygia. Its origins of a strange race that after the cataclysm made its way to lands controlled by serpent-men. After killing the serpent-men they adapted a serpent cult. Goes into the politics, army and economy of the nation during and after Conan’s time.

“The Striking of the Gong”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from story by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Rick Hoberg and Bill Wray

King Kull finds himself in a place of darkness. He searches and comes on stars in the sky. A mysterious figure tells him he is between dimensions and sees the many wonders of the universe. He then wakes up and finds out he was almost assassinated but Brule saved him.

“A New Song of Sonja”
By Wendy Pini

A poem of Red Sonja and a picture by talented cosplayer who can write and draw.

Red Sonja at the Mall”
By Chris Padovano
Photos by Chris Padovano and Bob Pinaha

Photos from a recent Red Sonja convention in a mall in New Jersey. Has Frank Thorne an artist on Red Sonja dressed as a wizard with Red Sonja cosplayers Wendy Pini and Linda Behrle.

“Wizards of the Black Sun”
Writers: Roy Thomas & Clara Noto
Artist: Frank Thorne

Reprinted in The Red Sonja Holiday Special.

The ending of the Howard adaptation was another excellent story. The only complaint was I think this adaptation should have not been split up. But I suppose there were deadlines not met so I am happy with the end result.

The article by Yaple was another fine one of scholarly research into the world of Conan. The guy does his homework and has notes to prove it. The photo essay was a good filler. As I’ve said I always love looking at beautiful women dressed as Red Sonja.

The Kull story was a weird one. A deep one about life after death. Howard had some interesting takes on that.

Finally the Red Sonja story you can read my take in another review in the link. Because of the shortened main story we did get a grab bag of articles and backup stories. Not a strong issue but still enjoyable.

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