“Conceptually Exploiting the Construct of Time”
Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: German Garcia

Dr. Gitu is an alien who is a renowned scientist. Someone is also trying to break into his lab to murder him. Gitu knows this and accepts this. Later Barbarella comes for an appointment to purchase something. She finds the doctor murdered and is sorry this happened. She does find a note addressed to her. Gitu has directions to solve his death. The directions lead to a mirror that is a portal somewhere. Barbarella fearlessly enters.

10,000 years in the past Dejah Thoris is excavating a site for scientific research. The area is devoid of minerals but they find a mirror buried in the sand. The mirror is brand new and Dejah falls into it. She finds herself in a dark place with Barbarella. Barbarella likes Dejah immediately but Dejah does not feel the same. They explore the place and find out that they are under water. Water that teems with vicious life.

So another team-up with two characters that you wouldn’t expect to meet. Not a bad idea for these two very different characters. So far well it is the first issue so we will get a lot of exposition. The story does have potential and I love the art. The two women look beautiful and have very different personalities so there can be some interesting interactions in exploring this new world they find themselves on.


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