Writer: Luke Lieberman
Artist: Sergio Davila

Sonja and Ozzyus are looking for passage on a boat. Only the guy they are dealing with decided to turn them in to the authorities. He doesn’t get to enjoy the reward for Sonja stabs him in the neck. Then she manages to lead the mob away as Ozzyus steals a boat and the two take off. The king of Khawaris is tracking Raka and finds his camp. Only it is deserted because Raka has attacked his capital. Using a gas that turns the citizens into homicidal maniacs. Raka plans to use this gas to control the world.

Sonja and Ozzyus are sailing and find a young girl stowaway. They also are attacked by a giant octopus and later find themselves floating on the wreckage. The young stowaway comments that the two don’t seem to be friends. We get a flashback to when Sonja was a young girl. A rich merchant hired Ozzyus to guard his caravan. Sonja made friends with his daughter Shashanna. Only Ozzyus was a criminal and takes over the caravan. One of the men he hired Raka decides to kill the merchant and take his daughter. Sonja wants to fight him but Ozzyus knocks her out. Thus the enmity that she feels for him.

The second issue continues to give us a rich story for Sonja’s early days. We get to see that Raka is a truly dangerous nut who uses a drug to mind control people. Sonja is one impetuous badass that goes after mobs and giant octopus with vigor. A glimpse into the origin of Sonja’s obsession with finding Raka and Shashanna. Ozzyus is shown to be a dishonest criminal who brought up Sonja in his criminal schemes. A very enjoyable series.

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