Writer and Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan comes back to Shamballah and finds it in ruins. The laser cannons that Deimos activated have done a good job of destroying the city. Morgan comes on Tinder who leads Morgan and friends to a safe area. He finds Tara and Jennifer with Tara wounded. He also finds out that Tara is pregnant. He plans to go to Deimos but is confronted by Tinder. Tinder is worried about Alysha who is Deimos prisoner. The two begin to fight.

Deimos watches through his crystal ball. He tells how he found that Tinder was Morgan’s long lost son and this seemed to be his plan. Kate decides that Deimos usefulness to her is done and tries to knife him. Only he turns her into a black mouse. Alysha manages to free herself and go to Tinder and Morgan who are fighting. The fight comes to what looks like a victory for Morgan as he stands triumphant over Tinder. Then he notices the watch that falls out of his pouch. This gives Tinder the time to run Morgan through with his sword. Alysha comes with the news that he is Morgan’s son. Later Deimos goes to Tara’s chamber to get his final revenge and is confronted with what looks like Morgan. Only it is Tinder dressed as Morgan. He pushes Deimos into a magical mirror that transports him far away. Tinder has an emotional reunion with his mother. There is a funeral for Morgan. At the end the mouse that was Kate is eaten by Shakira in her cat form.

So this was a very shocking issue. They actually killed Travis Morgan the main character of the Warlord. A character who was around for forty years, around two hundred issues, two revivals, a reboot, and numerous guest appearances in other DC titles. I don’t know if this was Grell deciding to kill off the character because he was bored with it or pressure from the editor to boost low sales with a younger new character. Either way I was not happy with the decision. I would have just liked to series to have a dignified cancellation because the series only lasted another four issues. So it didn’t succeed in boosting sales.

What I really didn’t like was how he died. It was a very pointless death. Why would Morgan and Tinder fight to the death. Just didn’t make sense. It was great that Tinder finally found out he was the lost son Joshua. I didn’t care for the how. I was not happy with this at all.

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