“On The Track of the She-Pirate!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema

Conan vows to track down the Dragon Riders and bring back Belit. The Watambis offer some guides which are accepted. Conan before leaving has to up a rebellious Black Corsair in his place. Then after N’yaga give him a potion to protect him from jungle disease, he heads out on the trail. Belit meanwhile manages to escape her captors and falls asleep. Conan comes on the Dragon Riders and uses a chemical that N’yaga gave him to start a fire. This stampedes the crocodiles and with his Watambis they rain arrows on the survivors. From a survivor Conan learns that Belit has escaped. Belit is attacked while sleeping by a giant moth. She is saved by a red haired man in a loincloth with a black lion as a companion. This is the fearsome Amra that the Dragon Riders where going to deliver her to.

So this issue big reveal is that Conan has fallen in love with Belit. It establishes very clearly that Conan has developed feelings for the Queen of the Black Coast. We also are introduced to Amra who is the main villain in this storyline. Amra was the name that Conan became known as on the Black Coast so Roy is skillfully setting up the origin of his nickname. A very enjoyable issue.

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