“Chapter 5: All Hail the Queen”
Writer: Tini Howard
Artists: Kate Niemczyk, Scott Hanna, Andrea Di Vito

Belit is caught in the nightmare of the Stygian priest Apheru. She is confronted by her dead father who has taken on the form of an octopus with multiple heads. Belit does overcome this and takes The Tigress to confront the priest. At Khemi she and her crew attack the city. Belit confronts the priest and manages to cut off his head. The priest’s former servants surrender and join Belit’s crew.

“Bone Whispers Episode Five”
By Michael Stackpole

Belit and N’yaga are in the arena of King Toraten. They are to fight and die but Belit doesn’t plan to be the one to die. She and N’yaga defeat a huge warrior. Then they fight and defeat the king’s personal guard. Finally a large black lion is loosed in the arena. Only the lion jumps out of the arena and kills the king. The whole city descends in chaos as the two escape.

Well the final issue was very underwhelming. I mean what the hell was the purpose. She overcomes the evil priest’s dream. Then heads off with her hipster crew and kicks the butt of the evil priest with ease. I don’t even know what the purpose of this whole story was about. As for an origin it sucked. I mean what happened to the Black Corsairs. They were cool. Instead we get this dumb hipster crew and equally dumb eunuch servants of the Stygian priest. What are the Black Corsairs not PC enough? This was very disrespectful to Howard and his creation. A very disappointing series. Hopefully the Valeria one will be handled properly.

The one bright spot was the prose story. I enjoyed it. For a short story it did its job. I know I have read some of Stackpole’s Shadowrun books so he is a competent writer. The story did end a bit abruptly and could have uses some more room to grow. On the whole it was a worthy effort and I do love these bonus prose stories.

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