Writer: Luke Lieberman
Artist: Sergio Davila

Red Sonja has retrieved a large gem for a sultan. The sultan decides to give his greatest treasure for a reward. That treasure is his body and Sonja is chained and made a concubine. Only Sonja isn’t one to be played with and kills the sultan. She escapes on a horse and manages to elude her pursuers by climbing a hill. Later she treks to a small village and gets drunk at the local tavern. Someone comes and points out she is the murderer of the sultan and the fight ensues that ends up burning down the tavern. While drinking in the alley Ozzyus comes on her. Ozzyus is the narrator of this story and the man who found Sonja after her family was killed. He raised the young Sonja. He brings news that he knows where Raka is. Raka kidnapped a young woman named Shashanna that Sonja was training. Raka has become some leader of a cult that uses drugs to make his followers invincible and slaughter and rape in the name of Bel the god of thieves.

So this mini-series is exploring the very early days of Sonja when she was just eighteen. A young woman who was very cocky and rash. I love this side to her and am happy that they are exploring this period of Sonja’s life. They maintain the origin that Thomas created and his famous slew a king that gave birth to her legend. Sonja is also given a warrior that took her in and raised her after her family was killed. We are also given a friend that Sonja is questing for and a villain that has endless potential. This series is starting off strong.

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