“The Once and Future Warlord”
Writer and Artist: Mike Grell

Deimos and Kate are at the castle plotting the Warlord’s downfall. Back in Shamballah Ewan McBane finally gets his interview with Morgan. So Morgan tells of how when he came back from his brief trip to Machu Picchu he found Tara gone. So he traveled to her and found out he had a son. Only the son was kidnapped by Deimos. Deimo’s used the Atlantean science to accelerate the son’s growth then took over the boy’s mind. In the fight Morgan kills his son which was what killed his dream for a free Skartaris.

After the interview they see a creature attack Jennifer. They manage to save her and find out that Deimos is behind the assault. Naturally Morgan goes after him. He is accompanied by his friends Shakira, Machiste, Mariah and McBane. At Castle Deimos they find it deserted except for an old man with a half burned face. He tells that Deimos and Kate left for Shamballah on a dragon. In Shamballah the dragon is attacking the city. Under cover of the attack Deimos and Kate go to the underground computer and activate the laser cannons that were hidden in the city.

Well another issue both written and drawn by Grell. Beautiful full page illustrations are used to once again tell the story very effectively. Deimos is now back to his dickweed self. Morgan actually is happy to have him back. He craves the excitement and challenge and gleefully goes off to what is obviously a trap. Only he fell for the trap in leaving his loved ones behind for Deimos to threaten. A good issue to introduce new readers to his backstory and give us old fans a reminder of what has happened. Sadly the next issue will see a very sad tragedy to the saga of the Warlord.

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