“Chapter 3: The Lesson”
Writer: Tini Howard
Artists: Kate Niemczyk and Scott Hanna

Queen Tanada of Barathan uses her occult powers to revive the dead sea monster that Belit dragged in. Belit shows that she is one bad ass chick as she cuts off the head of the monster. This impresses the queen who agrees to hire Belit’s ship. So The Tigress has a successful run of pirating all over the Hyborian world. During this time Belit grows into a young woman and increasingly gains the respect of the crew. One day at a tavern she receives a message that Queen Tanada has decided to revoke her sponsorship.

So she goes to the hipster captain and his trangender first mate to tell them the news. Soon the Kushite navy will be after them. Prisca the first mate calls out Belit to a fight. The drunk hipster captain instead decides to fight Belit but Prisca gets in the way to save him and takes the sword cut meant for him. Apparently there was a romantic relationship between them. The hipster then gets angry but ends up dead as his lover. The crew proclaim Belit captain but they must then deal with the arrival of the Kushite navy.

“Bone Whispers Episode Three”
By Michael A. Stackpole

Belit buries the treasure she took from the Knefetallian ship. She wants to use it to reveal if the ruler of the island has the Codex Osyrania. Then she gets on a boat and with N’yaga and two of her men set sail for the capital city. She finds that the king knew she was coming and expecting her. He also warns her that her life is at an end.

So Belit finally grows up. Not surprising that she has no problem of taking the captaincy from the ineffective hipster captain and his transgender first mate. Not really sure what a hipster or for that matter a whole ship crewed by hipsters is doing in the Hyborian age. Some of the plot seems a bit convoluted with her and this kooky agreement to hunt sea monsters. But I have to admit I do have in interest in how this ends. Plus the artwork is good and Belit looks quite sexy.

The short story is also keeping my interest. The writer paints a vivid picture of this mysterious city on the island. It ends on a cryptic note so I’m also interested on how this ends.

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