“The Forgotten Conclusion”
Writer and Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan has to fight off some beastmen that are attacking him and the girl. While he fights we get a flashback to before Morgan lost his memory. Shakira went off to hunt as Morgan and his men waited for the brigands lead by Kate Archer. They explore the ruins and discuss what the statues of the gods were. The discussion turns philosophical about the meaning of life. Then the brigands attack them and Morgan is the only survivor.

Back to the present and Morgan has defeated the beastmen. The woman he was defending is covered in blood and laughing. She says that she picked Morgan to be her champion. That she was with him since he was born and we get a montage of Morgan’s past. Morgan remembers and the woman kisses him. Then Morgan is woke up by Shakira. She came back from hunting and found him. So the two ride off with the woman looking on.

Well this was a fascinating issue. It was sort of used to give the readers a refresher about Morgan. It was well done with the soldiers that were with Morgan being the boisterous and rowdy bunch of men you would expect of warriors. Yet they display a true insight into the nature of life. The woman while never named is obviously Death. Morgan has run into her before and her speech was identical to the one give before. She just had a change of color to her hair. This introspective story with beautiful artwork by Grell himself make this a winner.

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