“The Forgotten”
Writer and Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is wounded after a battle where he is the sole survivor. Laughter rouses him from his injury and he finds some men chasing a beautiful white haired girl. Naturally Morgan intervenes and rescues her. The strain of the fight causes him to pass out. He comes to with the girl watching over him. Morgan has no memory of who he is but the girl does. She tells him that he is the Warlord and a great hero. Morgan has some glimpses of his past life but his memories still doesn’t reveal his identity. The girl leads him around the ruins and tells of their history. At the end a group of savages attack them.

So this issue was a treat. Finally get one written and drawn by Grell. Even the cover was done by him just like in the good old days. The story was simple but interesting. It was told with a minimum of dialogue and exposition. The drawing told most of it. And the art was beautiful with many two page spreads and panoramic views. Sometimes you just need to appreciate beautiful artwork.

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