“Saga Part 6 Death From Above”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Chad Hardin

Hawkins has used the energy cannon on his dirigible to cause an avalanche and destroy Tara and the Shamballahian army. Fortunately Jennifer uses her sorcery to shield some of the army. Still most of the army is wiped out and it looks hopeless to stop Hawkins. Only Tinder has arrived with an army. Hundreds of peasants have come to fight for their freedom. So with the weapons that Morgan stole from the surface his peasant army attacks Hawkins.

Hawkins has decided to get rid of his girlfriend Kate by giving her as a slave to his commander. Just then a boulder comes crashing through from a catapult. Morgan and the army attacks. Mariah breaks free and joins up with her husband Machiste. McBane decides to slug Kate. Morgan manages to jump on the departing dirigible and fight Hawkins. The dirigible crashes and Hawkins manages to escape through the portal to the surface before the energy cannon on the dirigible goes off and destroys the portal. Morgan and his friends celebrate victory as Hawkins finds himself trapped in the cave that was destroyed last issue. An epilogue has Kate going to a temple and putting the Mask of Life on a skull.

Leave it to Grell to bring a storyline to an exciting conclusion in a quick and fast paced way. This story has everything I love about this series. Morgan is shamed by a former comrade from his early fight for freedom. That the cause of freedom is important and worth fighting for. A lot of character growth in this issue. McBane also grows and finds a cause worth fighting. Hawkins gets a fit ending for a power hungry megalomaniac. A happy ending but also leave it to Grell to set up the next battle. Looks like Deimos is once again being brought back to life.

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