“A Shadow on the Land!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema

Conan, Tara and Yusef are riding back to Ronnoco from their visit to the oracle. They come on the shadow creature eating some peasants and make their way around to avoid it. At Ronnoco Conan finally understands what the prophecy means and takes off. Ronnoco meanwhile tries to hold off the shadow creature by feeding it all the livestock in the city. This just makes it stronger. Vanni the prince decides to flee the city and takes Yvonna hostage. Vanni manages to evade the monster. Conan rides to the crystal scorpion and his horse collapses from exhaustion. Conan takes his sword that he used to kill the scorpion and drives it into its head. This awakens the scorpion and it takes off toward the city.

The scorpion goes and manages to defeat the shadow creature by sucking it up through its tail. Conan ambushes Vanni and defeats the cowardly fop in a sword fight. He takes the captive Yvonna back. Just then armies from Peregona and Carnolla are approaching. Yvonna decides she will not be used for politics and will not marry anyone. So the armies leave and Conan also leaves since their is no war. Tara chooses to accompany him and Yusef also decides to go with them.

So this was a satisfactory ending to the Ronnoco storyline. The shadow creature was defeated. The cowardly Vanni got his just deserts. The princess Yvonna stood up for herself. Murilo has plans to maybe marry the princess for he does have some royal blood. There was a budding romance between Tara and Yusef. Those two make a good couple. Finally Conan continues on to Argos for his meeting with Belit which is the highpoint of the Conan series. Just another two more issues until that fateful meeting.

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