“Saga Part 5 The Castle”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Chad Hardin

The army of Shamballah has received the signal from Machiste and is marching on castle Deimos. Morgan and McBane have gone to Tibet. There Morgan sees the night sky for the first time in years. So the first order is to infiltrate the Chinese army base and steal guns and explosives. They do that and must then fight their way back to the cave with the Chinese army in pursuit. They make it to the portal and blow the cave entrance before going back to Skartaris. Ned Hawkins has finally had the scrolls of Deimos translated and the binary code entered by Kate. He manages to activate a huge flying ship. With it he shoots an energy beam that causes an avalanche on the approaching Shamballahian army.

So this issue we have Morgan going back to the surface. During this excursion we get some background on McBane. He was part of the fighting in Northern Ireland and lost a woman he loved to the violence. Also Hawkins now has a powerful Atlantean warship to help him conquer Skartaris. The story ends with Morgan thinking that Tara may have been killed in the avalanche. So a nice cliffhanger to end on. Makes you want to find out how it goes in the next issue which is always the sign of quality writing.

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