Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Pasquale Qualano

The Black Pirates have captured the Xataxian but its captain Keel has a plan. He is going to sacrifice himself by blowing the doors to the pirate ship open. Dejah goes to rescue her grandfather. Tardos Mors is wounded and passes out. The traitor Ando Norak then seems pleased for now the Jeddak’s lover Dekana can release him. They are in league but Dekana decides to end it by stabbing Ando. When Dejah arrives she claims that he escaped and tried to kill the Jeddak.

So Keel succeeds and blows the doors open allowing the Xataxian to escape. Only now the ship is fast loosing altitude as its buoyancy tanks are empty. And to make matters worst the Tharks are waiting for the doomed ship to fall.

Another fast moving issue. It goes so fast I am a bit confused as to how they escaped so easily. Also we finally learn that Dejah has reason to not trust Dekana. Yet we still don’t know what her ulterior motives where in allying with the traitor Ando Norak. Hopefully all will be revealed in the final issue.

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