“Man Born of Demon!”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from novel “Kothar and the Conjurer’s Curse” by Gardner F. Fox
Artists: John Buscema & Dick Giordano

Conan comes to the court of Unos with a gift for him. A three-eyed bird that talks and can tell the future. The bird predicts that Stefanya will take her rightful place on the throne. This angers the two wizards but Unos is not concerned. In fact this incident has shown him that he is a puppet to the two wizards. Later he seeks out Conan and finds out the bird was Lupalina the wolf-woman. She helps Unos by summoning his two demon parents. The parents kill the wizards and Unos shows his gratitude by stabbing Lupalina.

Conan has taken Stefanya to the place where the dead wizard was dumped. He has figured out that Unos will want to kill Zoqquanor and thus kill Stefanya. Just then Unos rides up and shoots his lasers from his eyes but that has no effect on Conan. His other magic in levitating rocks and opening fissures in the ground stops Conan. Then he uses his eyes to destroy Zoqquanor. Conan reaches him and crushes him which kills Unos. It was the magic amulet he had around his neck that killed Unos. He uses it to save the live of Stefanya. Then he leaves her to rule Phailkor as he rides off to further adventures.

The final of Fox’s novel adaptation. That was one wild story. Roy really got a lot of mileage out of this adaptation. I have to say it was interesting with many wild characters and situations. Wizards, monsters, demons, treachery, a lost heiress, and a son of demons that could shoot lasers from his eyes. A happy ending yet sad in Stefanya really loved Conan but Conan is still young and has plenty of adventuring to do. Roy managed to adapt this novel well into the Conan universe and this was a worthy addition.

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