Writers: Chad Bowers and Chris Sims
Artist: Ghostwriter X

Long ago four worlds existed. Earthworld, Fireworld, Waterworld and Airworld. These worlds were unstable so were united into the world of Atara. Yet the four tribes of these worlds were constantly at war with one another. One day a thief Rulero stole the four talismens of the factions and melted them into a sword. This allowed him to be king of Atara. He had twin sons Tarr and Tyran. Tarr the first was more popular and made the heir. This angered Tyran who went to the dark wizard Konjuro for help in killing his brother and his two twin nieces. Then he killed his father but could not make the sword’s magic work. The tyrant Tyrannis the First had Konjuro take the sword to Earth to hide it because a prophecy stated that the true heir would use it to kill Tyrannis.

So man-bun tells the story. Amy has Peter leave man-bun with her brother Alvin so she can talk some sense into Peter. When they return Alvin has decided he wants to help steal the sword which really freaks out Amy. Man-bun says that to win the sword Peter must finish the fourth challenge but Airworld was never made. Amy says she heard one of the developers Konrad Juros is rumored to have the game. Man-bun also confirms that Konrad is the dark wizard Konjuro.

Well this issue had a ton of revelations. We get the story of the real world that inspired the Swordquest games. Then the second part is how this Man-bun was able to convince the two guys and reluctantly Amy to help steal the sword. The whole thing does sound nuts but I find it quite entertaining. A very offbeat series.

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