“The Curse of the Cat-Goddess”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Pablo Marcos

Conan is head of the Zuagir and comes back to find them raiding a religious caravan. Conan is angry at Fazal his second in command and give him a good thrashing. The caravan has nothing of value except a small idol shaped as a woman with the head of a cat. Conan starts to throw it away but the idol has some strange hold over him and he keeps it. Soon his men start to notice the change. Conan starts to give no quarter.

One night Fazal sneaks into his tent while he is sleeping and deposes Conan as leader. He grabs the idol and soon finds himself under it’s spell. To solidify his leadership he ties up Conan and has the Zuagir attack a city. It ends in disaster and Fazal flees. Conan manages to free himself and kill the treacherous Fazal. Then he throws away the idol which gets buried in the wind blown sands.

“Part IV of ‘The Gods of the Hyborian Age” Demi-Gods and Demons”
By Robert L. Yaple

The final entry in the gods of Conan’s time. This one goes into the savage gods of the Picts like Jhebbal Sag. It also explores the other various cults and demons that Conan encountered.

“The Hyborian Age: A Map”
Artist: Tim Conrad

A huge two page map of the Hyborian world with updates from the stories of De Camp and Lin Carter.

“A Fabian Portfolio of Conan”
Artist: Steve Fabian

A portfolio of six illustrations of Conan and Kull from their adventures.

“When a Tiger Returns to Atlantis”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Sonny Trinidad

Kull has been deposed by the evil Thulsa Doom and comes to Atlantis with Ridondo. He seeks a prophecy that says he will be able to find an army to reclaim his throne. To his surprise he finds a civilized city in his savage homeland. Some ape-men attack and take them prisoner. They give them to the city who promptly lock the two in the dungeon. The Lemurian pirate prisoner says that sorcery build the city.

Later Kull is taken to the king who turns out to be his old childhood friend Om-ra. The two reminisce and have a feast. Here Kull finds out that a sorcerer Sarna from Grondar came to Atlantis looking for asylum. He used the ape-men called Lorkars to build the city and make Om-ra the king. Later Kull meets another friend Khor-nah who is the general and a rivalry develops.

Kull then meets the wizard Sarna and his companion the beautiful Kareesha. Later Kull is ambushed by some Lorkars and manages to defeat them. He finds out from Kareesha that Sarna was behind it and will now use magic to kill Kull. Later the wizard orders a parade and uses his magic to animate the stone dragon to try and kill Kull. Kull manages to defeat it with the help of Kareesha who throw him the gem that animates the dragon. For his service in defeating the dragon Kull is made second in command of the armies of Atlantis.

“The Conjurer from Cross Plains”
By Fred Blosser

A review of Sprague De Camps’s “The Miscast Barbarian”. A biography of Robert E. Howard. Blosser found it informative and recommends it as a acurate biography of the creator of Conan.

So this issue was another mixed bag of stories and articles. Seems a death in the family forced Thomas to shelve the epic length adaptation for another time. So we get a short but good Conan story telling his ending with the desert raiding Zuagirs. Some article and art portfolios which were interesting and informative.

The big story was a continuation of Kull from the recently cancelled Kull and the Barbarians. It does fill in a gap to the story that was later carried on in the Kull color series. An enjoyable story that had a somewhat convoluted history between the magazines and color comics. Not disappointed with this issue but looking forward to issues that give Conan more time in his own magazine.

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