“Game Over.”
Writers: Chad Bowers and Chris Sims
Artist: Ghostwriter X

Peter Case is a 45 year old office worker with a bad cough. One night going home he finds his apartment on fire. After rescuing the neighbor’s dog he is taken to the hospital and finds out he has serious lung disease. He only has six months to live. So with no where else to go he goes back to his mother who puts him up in his old room. A room that she was renting out as a B&B and now a very floral one. But it does have his stuff in the closet including his old Atari 2600 console and games. He reminisces about his childhood friends the Perez twins and how they tried to win the Swordquest contest and the ultimate prize The Sword of Ultimate Sorcery. Over breakfast he talks with his mother and she makes a comment that she was so upset that she wanted to steal the sword for Peter. This gets Peter to thinking.

“Swordquest Realworld”
By Kevin Ketner

An article on the real world background to the Swordquest video series and the real prizes involved. Includes a sketch gallery of the major characters for the series.

The introductory issue of the first Atari based property that Dynamite would do. An interesting choice to set in the real world instead of the fantasy one the game created. I remember the first game and didn’t get into it. Still I never really knew about the kooky prizes until now. Apparently they gave away real gold and gem prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars. Prizes that you had to sell so you could pay off the taxes.

So they started off this series with a character I can relate to. I loved the Atari games when I was a kid and now work inside a cubicle and am getting older. I am interested in seeing where this goes.

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