Writers: Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway
Artists: George Perez & Dick Giordano

The twins Torr and Tarra find themselves on Waterworld. They see a crown which then disappears and the next moment a giant water spout transports them. Torr gets tangled up in seaweed but manages to find a skeleton with a helmet that lets him breath underwater. He then has to fight a giant octopus. Tarra makes it to the surface but finds the skeleton that Torr found floating entangled in Torr’s armor. Thinking her brother dead she lays down and cries.

Konjuro and Tyrannus observe this. Konjuro manages to cast a spell that makes the twins forget. So Torr is chased by sharks to an underwater city and frees the beautiful Aquana who was imprisoned in a giant clam. Tarra is rescued by an ice ship called the Ice Queen. It’s handsome Captain Frost takes her in. The thief Herminius has also been rescued and plots against Tarra. Frost is hunting the whales because they are allies of Aquana. So a battle begins between Aquana and Frost. Her whales and sharks against depth charges. Eventually the Serpent Unspeakable a giant sea snake that breaths flame is unleashed.

Both Aquana and Frost are injured and the amnesiatic Torr and Tarra fight. Eventually they remember that they are brother and sister and unite. They also find the crown and split it in two. They give one half to Aquana and Frost so they will rule Waterworld jointly. Then a sword appears and takes them off the world. Konjuro and Tyrannus plan to personally go to Airworld to deal with the twins.

The final comic of the short lived Atari game series. Sadly they never released the planned fourth cartridge so there was never the final epic conclusion to the quest. It would be nice to get that final issue of Airworld. Maybe Dynamite will do it some day. This was a very enjoyable series. For a mini-comic included in a video game the writers and artists put forth a worthy effort. It had an excellent story and could have stood on its own as a series.

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