Writers: Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway
Artists: George Perez & Dick Giordano

Torr and Tarra continue to fall into the Fireworld. The evil wizard Konjuro watches and shows his master Tyrannus where the twins are. We get a flashback to the two twins growing up. How the evil captain of the guard cruelly runs over their adopted parents because they got in his way. Tyrannus tries to communicate with the twins and offer to share the kingdom with them if they will abandon the quest. Wisely the two refuse.

So they arrive in Fireworld a world filled with volcanoes, flame and rivers of lava. The heat gets to the twins and they angrily split up to search for the sword. Torr manages to get help from one of the mysterious wizards and finds out he must find the Chalice of Light. He finds some armor and has to fight fire demons with ice arrows he finds. Then he fights a lizard in a pool of water. His sister also has to fight an octopus thing and a firebird. Eventually they unite and find the chalice. Herminius the thief has also found it and moved on. The twins are drawn into the chalice which is the third world they must visit Waterworld.

The quest continues with Fireworld. I always wondered what that adventure was and now I know. Another excellent story with encounters with strange creatures in a magical world. We get some more background on the twins and the evil Tyrannus. What a name to name a kid. No wonder he turned into a tyrant. Obviously the story was meant as clues to the Atari game. These little mini comics had some quality story and art. Glad I finally get to read it.

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