Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Pasquale Qualano

Dejah is now a prisoner of the Jeddak of Thurd. The Jeddak turns out to be the green warrior that Dejah helped escape from prison. He is grateful but doesn’t want to let her go for fear of revealing that Thurd is not uninhabited. The city is home to the castoffs of the green tribes. The Jeddak does confirm that he knows the location of Ephysium and makes a deal. A game of Jetan the Martian chess. If he wins then Dejah stays with him and if Dejah wins then he will tell her the location of Ephysium.

The game is played using live players as the pieces. The green warriors for the jeddak and captive red martians for Dejah. The jeddak cheats so Dejah manages to grab the guards knife and take the jeddak prisoner. He agrees to show Dejah the location of Ephysium which is the city that they are located in.

So we get some backstory on the Jeddak of Thurd and find out the location of the fabled city of Ephysium. I love the idea of live players in Jetan. A very Burrough’s idea. Unfortunately this was not handled very well in the story. We never get shown any of the play and it felt like something was missing in the story. It just jumps from some unknown trick to Dejah managing to take the Jeddak hostage. Otherwise a good story.

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