“Attack of the Great White Ape!”
Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Pasquale Qualano

A great white ape is attacking Dejah and her party. It kills the other male student that she brought along before Dejah and her bodyguard Sajad dispatch it. So the three survivors continue on in the search for Ephysium. After a long walk they make it to the valley of Otz. The two girls do some research and are attacked by plant men. A ship rescues them but instead of it belonging to Helium, it is crewed by green men. They take the three to the city of Thurd. Dejah meets the jeddak Nars Jartas. The Thark warrior that Dejah helped escape from execution.

So Dejah gets a valuable lesson in life. Being a leader can get your followers killed. What was to be a simple peaceful expedition turns very deadly for some poor students. The issue had some interesting action with fights with a giant white ape and plant men. A mysterious city where members of both the Thark and Warhoon have joined together. And the return of the green man that Dejah helped escape. An interesting story.

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