Writers: Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway
Artists: George Perez & Dick Giordano

In a kingdom two twins Torr and Tarra are thieves. They are also the children of a warrior named Tarr. Soon after their birth the warrior and his wife were summoned before the new king Tyrannus. Tyrannus was given a prophecy by his wizard Konjuro that the twins would depose him when they grew up and sentenced them to death. Tarr held off the king’s warriors long enough for his wife to escape with the twins.

The wife went to an old friend and his wife. She gave them the twins to raise and the wife wrapped up some vases and jumped off the cliff making it look like she killed herself and the twins. So now the twins decide to steal from the wizard Konjuro. They successfully break in and steal a gem. The wizard then sends a demon after them but they manage to escape it. They then break the gem and release two mystical beings that give them a quest. Find the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery. A chasm opens in the ground leading to the first world they must pass Earthworld.

Another thief Herminius is also looking for the sword and follows. The twins split up and explore the twelve chambers of this world. Tarr has a run in with Taurus the bull and steals his key. Tarra meets up with the friendly Virgo and gets a star that can transport her. The two have various run ins with other zodiac characters. Some friendly and some hostile. Herminius manages to turn some of the zodiac beings against the twins. Finally the two twins meet and the star from Virgo transports them to the center chamber with the sword. The are given smaller swords as the main one blasts a hole in the floor and descents to the next level. Torr and Tarra must continue on into Fireworld with Herminius following and the evil wizard observing them.

So this was a mini-comic from the old Atari game Swordquest. I found the comic much more interesting then the game. It was a puzzle game that you could win some expensive item that you would have to sell to pay the taxes. Never figured the game out but just loved the comic that came with it. Thanks to Dynamite they have released all three mini-comics so I can find out the continuing adventures of Torr and Tarra.

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