Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Pasquale Qualano

Dejah is still obsessed with finding the lost city of Ephesyium. Her tutor insists its a myth. Yet she approaches the Royal Academy for help. She gets three young students assigned to help her. She tries to take a flyer and start her search but her father stops her. So she decides to set out on thoat the Martian horse. With her three students they ride out into the harsh Barsoomian desert. Soon they attract the attention of two banths the Martian equivalent to lions. Dejah manages to kill one with her sword but two may be too much to handle. Already the banths have killed one of her students. Fortunately her old body guard Sajad Surma arrives in time. He kills the other banth but soon after the group must face the rampage of a great white ape.

So the series starts off with a quest by a petulant princess. Dejah is obsessed with finding the lost city believing that it will save Barsoom. The comics definitely give Dejah more personality than Burroughs did. She is a warrior which in the comics all women are. A big departure from Burrough’s Barsoom. The issue also shows the dangers of Barsoom. I am not real enamored with the armor that the artist decided to give Dejah. It is clunky and not what Barsoomians wear. Still a minor quibble for a good start to a series.

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