“The Curse of the Conjurer!”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from novel “Kothar and the Conjurer’s Curse” by Gardner F. Fox
Artists: John Buscema and Joe Sinnott

Conan is riding through the wastelands of the Border Kingdom. He is stalked by the Yemli a crimson-eyed race of demons. As they close in he is confronted by a wizard sitting on a carpet full of food. The wizard used the Yemli to herd Conan to him. He has a job. To deliver a magical cube to the regent of Phalkar. The cube will protect the regent from two wizards. Conan not having much other prospects takes it for the gold it pays.

So on the way he passes through the village of Sfanol and rescues a beautiful blonde from being burned at the stake. Stefanya needs Conan to bring her back to the sorcerer Zoqquanor who she served. Apparently the sorcerer put a curse on her that it he died then she would die. So Conan takes her to the ruins of the sorcerer castle. The peasants abandoned breaking into the tower. When they enter Conan has to fight the sorcerer’s guardian Shokkoth. A big monster man made of stone. Conan’s sword doesn’t affect it but the various potions the wizard has manage to dissolve Shokkoth. They then find the body of Zoqquanor lying on a slab of stone.

Roy once again shows how he can take a non-Conan story and adapt it perfectly to Conan. I believe Fox was a pulp writer from Howard’s time so his story fits well for Conan. I am very interested in this tale of wizards and monsters. Its a quest through some strange lands. Stefanya is a girl I already like. She has a feisty spirit and one who you wouldn’t want to turn your back on. This is shaping up to be a wild adventure.

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