“Man of Two Worlds!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Bart Sears

Travis is the guest of honor at a banquet in honor of him opening the vault. King Milnius wants Travis to marry his daughter Tara. While this goes on Brovis kills the sole guard to the harbor so his invasion fleet can enter. He has help from Regine who has betrayed Shamballah. At the banquet after Milnius makes his announcement a flaming ball crashes into him and kills him. The Kolosians have invaded and Travis takes Tara to the vault. Meanwhile Terry and Alexa have found Travis’s plane and it is underwater. Terry goes down to reactivate it and a pterodactyl snatches up Alexa. In the vault Brovis throws a spear and impales Travis but after Terry flips a switch on the ship he disappears and reappears alive and in full armor.

So the fourth issue was where this series started to lose me. I mean it starts off fine. Brovis with the help of the treacherous Regine have invaded Shamballah. Travis’s friends have found his ship. I notice that there is a night with stars so Skartaris must not be the inner world that Grell created. Anyway the whole weird stuff with the transformation is only the beginning. It gets really weird in the next issue.

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