“The Flames Beyond”
Writer: Christopher Paul Carey
Artist: Cyrus Mesarcia

Duare and her allies are attacking Havatoo. Varlek Sar threatens to shoot Carson if he doesn’t have Duare stop the attack. Loto decides to rebel and kicks the pistol out of Varlek’s hand. Then Carson grabs her and jumps out the window. He was a stuntman after all. They slide down the roof and into a passing car. After knocking out the driver they continue on. Carson can hear the commands of Varlek in his head to his duplicates and knows they are going to the armory. Only the police manage to stop them and take them to the Sanjong the ruling council of Havatoo.

While on trial Varlek Sar comes with his army of duplicates to start a revolution. Carson then comes into mental contact with the captured Myposian and with his help manages to take control of the duplicates. Varlek Sar then escapes to his rocket ship where he plans to go to Earth and conquer it with his new found abilities to create a duplicate army out of thin air. Only the captured Myposian sacrifices himself and uses his mental powers to blow up the rocket. Later Carson is allowed to go free and his friends Ero Shan and Nalte decide to go with them to Korva.

So the series ends in a very fast and exciting way. There is definitely plenty of action. In some ways it ended a little too fast. For instance what happened to the allied armies attacking. We do know that Loto was transported after Varlek Sar died to someplace else that looks like Barsoom. I also loved the ending where Carson had reestablished his mental link with Earth and was telling his story to the descendants of Burroughs. A very satisfying series.

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