“The Flames Beyond”
Writer: Christopher Paul Carey
Artist: Cyrus Mesarcia

Carson is prisoner of the Havatoo scientist Varlek Sar. Carson finds out from Loto that she was transported back to Earth but Varlek was able to bring her back from Brooklyn. Varlek has been experimenting with the astral projection and has used the Myposians because of their latent ability. He has also launched a satellite and shows Carson what is happening back on Earth. The Axis powers are on the path to victory. Varlek has a way to help save Earth if Carson will use his psychic power of mental projection. Carson decides to help and agrees to the experiment. Once he projects his image in the room then Varlek has the ability to create hundreds of Carsons under his control. Meanwhile Duare, Ero Shan and Nalte are rescued by the angan. Duare convinces them to help rescue Carson if she can get help. So she has them fly her to the Falsians and their fleet of land ships. At the end the combined army is marching on Havatoo.

So there is a lot of callbacks from the novels. Varlek Sar is developing some sinister power. I loved that they manage to bring back Loto/Betty Callwell and give her some more story. I am curious to find out why the Falsians are helping. A very enjoyable continuation of the Carson of Venus sage.

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