Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Rodney Buscemi

Sonja is tracking Kulan Gath’s bomb in the sewers of Big City with a geiger counter she got from Madame Curie. It leads her to the bomb and a gristly discovery. Gath has decapitated a lot of people and piled the heads around the bomb. He plans to detonate it and be rewarded by the dark gods. Gath and Tesla come and discover Sonja when her geiger counter makes noise. Gath sics the rats after her but Sonja evades them and makes it to the bomb. She is able to keep the rats at bay because of the radiation in the bomb. She takes the bomb and leaves after beating up Tesla and throwing a severed head at Gath.

So at the Nautilus Sonja dismisses her crew and takes the bomb out of the city. Gath and Tesla use magic to transport themselves to her sub. Sonja gives Tesla a beating and traps Gath in a mystical symbol she drew on the floor. She escapes the sub and the bomb blows up killing both Tesla and Gath. Later celebrating her victory at the local tavern she is approached by the members of Thorne’s gang. The gang is there to swear fealty to Sonja the new Queen of the underworld of Big City.

So the final issue goes out with a big bang literally. This was a very satisfying series. I liked this new Sonja and her steampunk world. I do hope that they do some more of this series in the future.

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