“The Flames Beyond”
Writer: Christopher Paul Carey
Artist: Cyrus Mesarcia

Carson is in his anotar(airplane in Amtorian) test flying it with his mate Duare and friends Ero Shan and Nalte. They are attacked by angan(bird-men) and shot down. The angan accuse Carson of slaughtering his people. They take the four to Brokol the city of the plant men. Carson is accused of abducting their goddess Loto. See Escape from Venus.

Just then another anotar comes and strafes the city with R-rays. The man who attacks is Varlek Sar from Havatoo. Carson finds out from Ero Shan that Varlek is a scientist in charge of finding Carson and bringing him back for his scientific knowledge. So this proves his innocent with the angan and Carson has them fly the group to the city of Mypos and the fish-men. Carson knew that Varlek would be there and the group infiltrate through the underwater passageways. Only they get captured. Carson manages to use his astral projection to lead the dumb guard to his cell and knock him out and escape. Only he then blunders into the throne room with Varlek and the girl Loto or Betty Callwell from Earth.

I just love American Mythology. They really understand the Burrough’s universe and hire writers who do it justice. We get a visit to several places from the novels. In fact this story feels like something that Burroughs would have written. There is a plot hole is how Carson knew Varlek would be in Mypos but a small detail. Burroughs did have his own occasional plot holes so just adds some flavor. I am looking forward to the continuation of Carson’s adventures on Venus.

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