Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Rodney Buchemi

Kulan Gath has captured the Nautilus and Sonja and her crew are prisoners. Gath is about to kill Sonja when the ship of crime boss Thorne arrives and starts shooting Gath’s men. During this time Tesla decides to knife her lover D’nar. Then Thorne comes on the ship carrying his portable gatling and runs to his daughter. Only Gath stabs him with a sword and his daughter seems unfazed at the death. Then she goes to Gath and calls him her love before kissing him. Sonja is disgusted by this but manages to save her crew and get the Nautilus away from Gath’s ship. Gath is left with a chest full of the mysterious explosive element. Sonja heads to the Big City and seeks out Madame Curie for help in defeating Gath.

So this issue had a real development that I didn’t see coming. I never would have thought that Tesla would have some romantic relationship with Kulan Gath. I think I was shocked as Sonja was. This was an exciting issue and takes the story to a whole new level. Should be interesting to see how Madame Curie fits into the conclusion.

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