Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Ediano Silva

The Drakulon have arrived outside the city of Kadabra. An army from Helium meets them. The Drakulon prove more powerful than expected and the Heliumites are defeated. The survivors move into the Carrion caverns. Back in the city of Kadabra Dejah commands the scientists of three races to work together to find a solution to the problem. Then Dejah goes off with a powerful device from the Firstborn to rescue Vampirella’s people. She manages to use the device to save the Drakulon survivors from the Apts. Those fierce predators of the north. Vampirella has a fight with the surviving commander of the Helium army and kicks his ass. It is later found out that most of the Drakulon decided to head for Earth instead. So using the advanced knowledge of the three races of Barsoom they come up with a way to synthesis blood for Vampirella’s people. They also manage to build an atmosphere generator to save their planet. In addition they also make headway to restoring Barsoom. Vampirella leaves for Earth after Dejah declines the offer to join her.

So the series comes to a close. It was a bit anti-climactic with it being discovered that most of Vampirella’s people went to Earth. Otherwise it was a satisfactory ending to this series. An interesting pairing of two women characters. This alternate Barsoom has more technology than the one that Burrough’s wrote about. I do enjoy these strange crossovers. It is always amusing to see the result.

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